So all summer i have been thinking of painting my room. To be honest its not that I didn’t like the colour it was painted in (light green). It was more about being a little rebellious. But I have a major problem with procrastination so after weeks of “I’ll do it next week or I just don’t have the time” I began to forget about my painting my room. But one day after a cycle with my friend we stopped at her house. She wanted to show me her room that she recently painted.¬†

I should first tell you that my friend is awesome at art. She one of those people who is always covered in paint because whenever she gets spare time shes either drawing or painting. So when I was about to enter her room I wasn’t expecting her to have painted her room a different shade of beige and I wasn’t disappointed. She had covered her walls with drawings from a red whale to a chair with balloons. All I could think is I want this on my wall, so that’s what I did. I hired my friend ( paid her in chocolate, coke and water paints) to paint a wall of my room.

But life being life it wasn’t that easy because my friend was leaving for France in three days and she was going for a month. We worked heard for two days ( third day was saved for packing) and we got it done, well mostly. With the help of family and friend I painted the rest of the room Tiffany blue (fancy name right).

I’m really glad with my new room. But I must warn any of you who are thinking of painting there room themselves it is a lot of hard work. In total it took me a week to finish ( including a lot of breaks). But I am so glad of the result I would do it again but maybe not for a while ( a long while).

Here’s some picture’s of what I like to call my awesome wall:ImageImage



So at the moment its summer. Summer for me used to be all about sleeping in, watching tv, staring at the sky and hoping the sun will come out. But that all change this year. I`m sixteen so like most teenagers you fine yourself with a certain lack of money. So what do you do you find a job. And after en endless search for anybody who will hire you, you find one. your so grateful for this opportunity you forget about the work. So while your friends are planning trips away or just meeting up for a chat your stuck inside half the time chasing kids who decided they don’t want to go bowling. That is only the beginning of my summer problems.

So your in school and the time is dragging by so what do you do. You start a something new, something to look forward to each week. For me this was drama it was so much fun and loads of my friends were doing it. Then school ended we were going to have for drama each week, great. That is what i thought at first. But then everything got very serious very quickly. We started to have there rehearsals a week, it became more of a chore and less of a hobby.

Then there are my friends. Don`t get me wrong I love them to pieces and I have so much fun with them. But when you cant have one weekend to yourself you start to get a bit testy. And sure I would even be the first to admit that getting lost in Dublin and missing your train was probable more fun then sitting alone at home. But its hard work trying to stay fun and bubble after wandering through streets for hours.

So after work, drama and friends I started to realize my summer wasn`t going to be as relaxing as I thought. Sure I have fun with my work colleges, the drama has given me great memory’s and friends and hanging out with my friends is better than anything. But all of it piles up and so I found myself exhausted. I knew this was not what summer was supposed to be about. So I have¬†realized something this summer. sure its good to have a job and great to get out with others. But if you neglect yourself and don’t make time for days that you just chill out and do nothing you will become so exhausted and will be no use to anyone. So I have decided that before I lose myself and my summer I am going to cut back and take some time for me.

My blog


So this is my first blog. I`m going to us this as a place to post anything I want. I don’t really no what kind of blog this is going to be and I don’t know if anyone will ever read it but that doesn’t matter. As to what you will expect from me, well that could be anything I am very changeable. I`m not going to confine myself to being anything so just be ready for anything within reason that is. But i am going to guess I will probable talk about myself and my life a lot. So here`s a little about me. I like anime/manga, reading, movies, Xbox and violence for some reason. I`m kind of odd but people don’t seem to mind to much. I stress about really small things and I cant make a decision to save my life. So that’s a little about me and if you keep reading my blog you will probable learn a bit more. hope you enjoy what I post.